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Baby Movements

The feeling a pregnant woman gets when she first feels her baby move or kick is usually very special. It can be both an exciting and thrilling and sometimes emotional period when you think about and feel your baby twisting, kicking, wriggling, and punching around.


One of the reasons for this is that it begins to emotionally assure you that a brand-new energetic life is growing inside the woman and it helps her begin to feel closer to the life inside of her.


However, a baby’s movement in the womb can come with so many worrying questions and doubts. Questions of whether or not the baby is kicking right, too much or even maybe not kicking enough.


While every baby has his or her own characteristics and would behave differently, it is good to know that there is a very wide spectrum as to what is normal about a baby’s movement during pregnancy. It’s good that pregnant women ask these questions to help them know what to expect and when.


Baby Movement in Trimesters


  • First trimester

Although the first trimester is a period of very fast and important development, there is no real possibility of a pregnant woman feeling movements just yet. The baby is still too tiny to kick enough for you to feel because it is still in the womb with a lot of cushioning. So no matter the movements, you’ll feel nothing at all in this period.


  • Second and third Trimesters

This is where the kicks and punches really start. Although the exact month might differ for different babies, it is usually between weeks 14 to 26 that you will most likely begin to feel the early shakes also called quickening in your womb.


One factor that could influence the time at which the movements will start is the position of the placenta. The movements can be muffled and take a few weeks longer if the placenta is a front facing (anterior) placenta.


What are the movements supposed to feel like?


People try to describe it in different ways but a baby’s movement during pregnancy can be very dicey to even recognize.


For some women it feels like a growling of hunger pangs or a nudge while some feel like a twitch within them. The good thing is that no matter how it feels or whether you can describe it or not, it’ll definitely put a smile on your face as soon as you know what exactly is going on.


The rhythms and patterns of a baby’s movement will vary from one to another so it is important not to compare your baby’s movement to a previous pregnancy or to what someone else says she’s feeling. On the lighter note, a baby seeming unusually active is no guarantee of a hyperactive child in the future.


When You’re Most Likely to Feel Movement


You’ll most likely feel your baby’s movements when you’ve settled down and ready to relax at night. This is because your own body motion can help lull the baby to sleep during the day when you’re very active or focused on other activities. But as soon as you try to retire from the day, you’re relaxed and more sensitive to the little activities going on inside of you. At this time, you’re most likely going to be aware of the movements of your baby. Another period will be when you’ve just taken a snack.


There is a surge in your blood sugar that has a high tendency of giving your baby a rush of energy for movements. The rush of adrenaline when you’re nervous is also a subtle way your baby can get an energy boost to move when it wants to.


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