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Regular exercise is good for general well being and this is no different with pregnant women. By maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout pregnancy physical and mental wellbeing can be optimised. Engaging in regular exercise during pregnancy has been linked with the improvement of posture and decrease in the rate of discomfort such as fatigue and backaches which are common with pregnancy. Research has also shown that engaging in regular physical activity can build stamina for labor and delivery, relieve stress and also helps reduce the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes.

While exercise can be very good during pregnancy, it is important that the exercise should be done with moderation so as not to stress the body. We suggest you engage in only activities that are within your level of fitness and ability.

Engaging in regular exercises during pregnancy may be easier if you have been physically active before, however, for those who find it hard to exercise even before their pregnancy, we suggest you consult with a health care provider for the list of exercises that you can easily perform to keep your body and baby physically fit and sound. Regardless of your level of engagement in physical activities before falling pregnant, it is believed that walking is one of the most effective and safe modes of physical activity to be engaged in, during pregnancy.


Those excluded from Exercise during Pregnancy

As much as exercise during pregnancy is good for most women, there are some women who should not engage in significant exercise. This includes pregnant women who are battling with some forms of heart disease, asthma or other medical complications. Engaging in exercises may be harmful to their health and thus, pose as a threat to the safety of the baby.


Exercises To Be Engaged In During Pregnancy

The exercises listed here are associated with little or no injury and also benefits the whole body and can also be continued until birth.

  • Brisk walking
  • Indoor stationary cycling
  • Jogging (done in moderation)
  • Low impact aerobics (this can learned by visiting a certified aerobics trainer).
  • Playing tennis and racquetball although the changes in balance during the pregnancy can affect the rapid movements.
  • Step or elliptical machines
  • Swimming


Exercises To Be Avoided During Pregnancy


The following exercises should be avoided during pregnancy. They include;

  • Complete sit ups
  • Contact sports such as volleyball, basketball and football.
  • Deep knee bends,
  • Double leg raises
  • Holding your breath during any activity.
  • Horseback riding
  • Skiing
  • Waist-twisting movements while standing.


There are several exercises you can engage in during pregnancy in order to keep fit. For guidance on how to choose the best exercise, we suggest you consult with your medical care provider.

You can make an appointment with Dr Kenny on 07 3188 5000.

This article is written to be informative and does not substitute seeking a professional consultation from a medical professional.

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