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Food and pregnancy

So, what exactly can you eat and what should you avoid in pregnancy?

Thankfully there are far fewer things to avoid than things you can enjoy!

In essence, a normal healthy diet containing vegetables, breads and cereals, fruit, dairy and protein (red meat, fish, poultry) should meet all your and your baby’s needs during your pregnancy.

It’s important to keep up your intake of folate (green leafy vegies, nuts, orange juice), iron (lean red meat, fish and shellfish, green leafy vegies, fortified cereals), calcium (dairy products), and iodine (most breads are fortified).

There are certainly some foods to avoid in order to reduce your risk of certain infections which can be dangerous to you and baby.

In particular avoid

  • Raw or processed meat, fish and poultry
  • Soft cheeses, soft serve ice-cream, unpasteurised dairy products
  • Prepackaged salads or salads from salad bars
  • Stuffing from poultry
  • Remember to keep food cold, keep it clean, heat it up (steaming on cooking or reheating) and check labels before eating.
  • If you have specific medical conditions (e.g. diabetes) I’d recommend more comprehensive advice from your doctor or dietician.

The above information doesn’t take the place of a medical consultation so please seek further advice if your symptoms continue to concern you.

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