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Hair Changes in Pregnancy

What to Know About Hair Changes During Pregnancy

Does your hair seem a bit thicker or thinner now that you’re pregnant? It may well be.

While each human hair has a life cycle— where it grows, rests, and falls, the cycle changes. You can either credit or blame pregnancy hormones for the hair changes making it thicker or thinner. 

Your hair can become thicker 

You’ll probably start experiencing as if your hair is thicker from the 15thweek of pregnancy due to an increase in the hormone estrogen.  With high levels of estrogen produced at week 15th, your hair spends more time in the growing phase delaying the falling out phase.

Your hair can become thinner

Some women will experience their hair is falling, stalling, and thinning out if they with a decreased level of estrogen. It’s also possible to experience hair loss after pregnancy when estrogen levels return to normal. This allows the additional hair to fall to the resting phase and consequently falls than it was during pregnancy.

While hair loss is unique and varies from women to women, new mums can expect thinner hair after three months of birth.

Hair Treatment During and After Pregnancy

You’ll definitely be concerned the moment you start feeling you’re losing more hair than the family cat at the end of winter.

Relax. All is not lost, and it’s normal to experience thinner hair, especially when the body stops producing high levels of oestrogen. Most women will experience their normal human cycle after 12 months following after birth when the hormones are once again steady.  So, what can you do about it?

Settling in as a new mum and taking care of your newborn can be stressful, exhaustive, and strenuous on your body due to breastfeeding.    

Use the following tips to ensure your hair remains sparkling during and after pregnancy:

  •     Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet comprising of vegetables and food containing high levels of flavonoids and antioxidants 
  •     If your hair loss persists, check with your maternity care provider to ensure your thyroid level is normal
  •     Consult your hairdresser to explore the available options that can make the most out of hair. This is particularly important given that every woman has a unique experience with their hair during and after pregnancy, as you can learn from this article


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