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Menorrhagia: Heavy menstrual bleeding.

Heavy menstrual bleeding, medically known as menorrhagia can be alarming and can have a negative effect on a woman’s everyday life.

With heavy menstrual bleeding, it can be difficult to keep up with usual activities because of constant bleeding and cramping. According to a survey, heavy menstrual bleeding is common in one in five woman in Australia. This condition is also accompanied by pelvic pain much of the time.


Signs and symptoms of heavy menstrual bleeding include:

–           Bleeding for longer than usual (more than a week)

–           Passing large blood clots

–           Need to change more than one sanitary pads every hour

–           Restricting daily activities due to heavy periods

–           Shortness of breath and weakness, signs of anemia

Need to see a doctor?

Consultation with doctor is necessary if it is interfering with everyday life or:

–           Irregular vaginal bleeding or bleeding between periods.

–           Any vaginal bleeding after menopause.

–           Need to change more than one sanitary pads every hour


–           Uterine fibroid: These are non-cancerous growth of uterine tissue.

–           Polyps: These are small benign growths of lining of uterus.

–           Hormonal imbalance: Many conditions can cause hormonal imbalance like, obesity, insulin resistance, thyroid problems or even polycystic ovarian syndrome.

–           Adenomyosis: In this conditions glands from uterine lining gets embedded inside.

–           Pregnancy complications.

–           Uterine or cervical Cancer.                            

–           Certain medications like hormonal medications.


Before going to doctor it is best to note down the pattern of periods from last few months.

In addition to pelvic exam, some tests might be ordered by the doctor like:

–           Pregnancy test (if menopausal)

–           Ultrasound of pelvis.

–           Some blood tests like complete blood count, thyroid hormone level.


It depends on the cause of heavy menstrual bleeding, general health and preference of the patient. For example, for fibroids, surgery might be necessary. Or medicines, with or without hormones, to regulate cycle and bleeding while controlling pain or any other symptoms.

You can make an appointment with Dr Kenny on 1300 464 464.

This article is written to be informative and does not substitute seeking a professional consultation from a medical professional.

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