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Hello, I’m Dr Bryan Kenny, specialist obstetrician at Greenslopes Private Hospital

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether you are having your first baby or you’ve travelled this road before, here are a few suggestions to help with your planning through this exciting time.

Firstly, I’d advise that you see your local doctor for a couple of things. It’s important that you have an early ultrasound to confirm your due date, and also to arrange some routine blood tests.

It is also very important to keep looking after yourself by eating well, getting good rest, exercising and continuing your pregnancy supplements.

There are many normal changes that occur with pregnancy, some of which you may have already noticed, but if you are experiencing anything that is concerning you, then it is important you seek advice from your doctor.

A couple of big decisions that need to be made are where you are planning to have your baby and who you want to look after you during your pregnancy and delivery.

There are many places you can go for information to help make these decisions. Talk with your family or friends who have recently had babies and who will be able to make recommendations. You can research by visiting websites of both hospitals and obstetricians or by asking questions on online chat forums.

In the end, how do you choose an obstetrician? I personally think that one of the most important things is that the obstetrician you choose is someone you feel you can trust to look after you and your baby during your pregnancy and delivery. You need to feel comfortable that they will listen to you and offer you the best advice, tailored to your individual circumstances.

There is some more information available on my website so please take the time to look around. Hopefully it will give you the opportunity to learn more about me and my practice.

You may have questions that you would like answered. I am available and happy to answer any enquiry you may have via email and my address can be found in the contact section of this site.

Quality Care

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful and significant events in a woman’s life – significant for her and her family as she brings a new life into the world. I consider it a privilege to be involved in the journey of pregnancy and childbirth and to share in the ups and downs each woman experiences along the way. I still remember clearly how much we valued our Obstetrician during my wife’s pregnancies and the deliveries of our 3 children.

As an Obstetrician myself, my aim is to provide pregnancy care that is evidence based, taking into account and respecting that each mother is an individual with her own hopes and expectations for her pregnancy and birth of her baby.

My aim is to provide for a safe and natural birth with as little intervention as possible. If the unexpected does arise, however, I am able to manage both antenatal complications (high risk pregnancies) as well as difficult deliveries (instrumental delivery, caesarean section).

In summary, I provide Obstetric services that include

  • Pre-Pregnancy Counselling and Assessment
  • Management of Early Pregnancy Complications
  • Routing antenatal Care including
    • Routine Screening Investigations
    • Regular assessment of mother and baby’s health and wellbeing
    • Bedside ultrasound scans
  • Management of Pregnancy Complications including
    • Pre-eclampsia
    • Gestational Diabetes
    • Autoimmune and blood clotting disorders
    • Fetal Growth Restriction
  • Management of Labour
    • Normal Birth
    • Instrumental delivery
      • Vacuum
      • Forceps
    • Caesarean Section
  • Post Natal
    • Routine followup for
      • Wellbeing
      • Pap smear, contraception, any other concerns
    • Other post-natal services as required
      • Midwifery Home Visit (arranged at patient request)
      • Psychological support
      • Physiotherapy

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