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Pregnancy Checklist

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether you are having your first baby or you’ve travelled this road before, here are a few suggestions to help with your planning through this special time.

1. Visit your GP

  • See your GP for a blood or urine test to confirm you are pregnant.
  • Your GP will also arrange some routine blood and urine tests and an ultrasound to confirm your due date.

2. Pre-pregnancy supplements

  • If you haven’t already been taking them, then start taking folate supplements.
  • You may also need iodine or vitamin D supplementation – check with your doctor.

3. Look after yourself

  • Eat well and get some regular exercise.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Do your best to give up smoking.
  • Avoid alcohol (we don’t know if there is a ‘safe’ level of alcohol so it is best to avoid all together when you’re pregnant).

3. Decide who you are going to see for your pregnancy and delivery

  • Speak to your friends and family about their experience and recommendations.
  • Ask around on chat forums.
  • Visit different websites for Obstetricians and Private hospitals.

4. Make a booking appointment with your Obstetrician

  • Generally you can ring the rooms and an appointment will be made based on your due date.
  • You will need to arrange for a referral from your GP prior to your appointment.

5. Write down a list of any particular questions you may want to ask your Obstetrician

  • What to expect during pregnancy, labour and delivery?
  • How many visits and what investigations will happen?
  • What are your pain relief options in labour?
  • Are there any specific issues like vaginal birth after caesarean section or particular birthing plans you need to discuss?

6. How do you choose an Obstetrician?

  • The main thing is that they are someone you feel you can trust to look after you and your baby during your pregnancy and delivery. You need to feel comfortable that they will listen to you and offer you the best advice, tailored to your individual circumstances.

7. Check your Private Health Insurance coverage

  • Different funds have different waiting periods and excesses. Best to be informed early.

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