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Prenatal Appointments
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Prenatal appointments are appointments that you have with your healthcare provider (an obstetrician, a general physician, or a midwife) during your pregnancy. These appointments help to monitor and record your health status and that of your growing baby throughout your pregnancy.


The number of prenatal appointments you will have depends on several factors. If it is your first pregnancy, you may have about 10-12 appointments. If you’ve had previous children, you may have less appointments (e.g. seven to ten), but if your pregnancy is high risk, you will have more.

What occurs during prenatal appointments

What happens during your prenatal appointments can vary based on your level of pregnancy risk, such as your age. Generally speaking, your healthcare provider will check, discuss or recommend one or more of the following:

  • Age of your pregnancy and expected date of delivery
  • General health status- physical and mental health, medical history, gynaecological and obstetric history, etc.
  • Medications
  • Vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, etc.
  • Weight 
  • Tests such as blood tests, cervical screening tests, and urinalysis, and their results
  • Your baby’s health, growth, and position
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Labour signs and birth preferences
  • Risks and possible complications
  • Medical advice and referrals

Importance of Prenatal Appointments

Keeping your prenatal appointments means your doctor or your midwife can check and track the progress both you and your baby are making right from the start.


Your doctor or midwife can detect health risks or problems early enough and either prevent them or treat them promptly, potentially avoiding serious complications. Also, they are able to prepare for possible problems and provide physical and psychological support.


At prenatal appointments, concerns are addressed. Additionally, you may seek health and lifestyle support on diet, exercise, smoking, etc.


Prenatal appointments also allow for active participation in your antenatal care. You and your healthcare provider can look at your progress, screening test results, and make informed decisions about your care. This may include your birth preferences and what should be done during emergencies.


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This article is written to be informative and does not substitute seeking a professional consultation from a medical professional.

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