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Some ways to prepare for birth


There are few things more exciting for an expectant mother than the pending arrival of her baby. As the baby’s delivery date approaches, there are a thousand and one thoughts that will run through your mind, especially if it is your first time. Often women may find themselves caught in between the joy of holding their baby for the first time in 9 months and the pains that will precede it. This and many other reasons have led women to ask the question; how can I prepare for birth. Before we offer some suggestions as to how  to prepare for your baby’s arrival, it is important to realise that pain is inevitable, but the result is well worth it. Since women are wired differently, there are differences in how individual women will approach the birth pains and other factors surrounding childbirth. Putting this into consideration, here is a list of suggested activities that will help you prepare you for your baby’s arrival. These tips include but are not limited to the following;

      1. Educate Yourself

As you prepare for your baby’s arrival we suggest you research materials which speak about the changes going on in your body and how to cope with these changes.The more empowered your mind is, the better your ability to adapt to situations that may arise later.

  1. Exercise

Exercise, such as in the form of yoga, can offer great assistance by laying emphasis on breathing, especially in difficult situations. Engaging in these exercises will help you prepare for the stress your body will go through during your labour.

  1. Join a Support Group or attend Antenatal Classes

You can enrol in a support group with other women so you can discuss what can be expected during your delivery. This support group will teach you how to be in the best shape and health condition for you and your baby and how best to alleviate the pains.

  1. Harness Your Mental Strengths

When it comes to being prepared for labor, it is important to have a positive mindset. To adequately prepare for the labor, we suggest you ensure that you aim to have all your questions answered and have an open mind in terms of how the big day will go.


To prepare for birth try to gather enough information as possible. Ask questions, read materials and engage in exercise that keeps the mind and body alert.

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